MG Hi Nu Metal Part Set

Rp 350.000


Manufacturer : CJ Part
Contain :
01、Head Vulcan Guns(2 Sets)
02、Led Lighting Kit For Eyes
03、Thrusters for Backpack(2 Sets)
04、Thrusters for Back of legs(2 Sets)
05、Metal Joint Cover Parts For Elbows of Shoulders(4 Sets)
06、Metal Joint Cover Parts For Elbows(4 Sets)
07、Metal Joint Cover Parts For Kness(4 Sets)
08、Air Holes for Forearm(4 Sets)
09、Air Holes for Chest(2 Sets)
10、Air Holes for Crotch(2 Sets)
11、Air Holes for Knees(6 Sets)
12、Screw Parts for Funnel(24 PCS)
13、Shield metal barrel(1 Sets)
14、Metal Hydraulic Tubes(4 Sets)
15、Beads for Armor(50 PCS)


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