1/6 The Gunslinger Outlaws

Rp 3.000.000

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Manufacturer : LIMTOYS
Release : Q1, 2020
Closing : June 16th, 2019
Fixed Price Rate : <hkd1770

Gimmicks :
Head sculpt without beard x1
Head sculpt with long beard x1
Magnetic interchangeable hair piece x3
Normal hand x8
Glove hand x4
1/6 body x1
Hat x1
Revolver x2
Shot gun x2
Rifle x1
Flower x1
Knife x1
Throwing knife x1
Diary x1
Potion x1
Deputy sheriff badge x1
watch x1
Led light up lamp x1
Coffee tin x1
Cup x1
Camp gear x1
Charcoal pile x1
Red dynamite x7
Yellow dynamite x2
Fire bottle x1
Bow x1
Arrow x1
Rope x1
Boots x1
Removeable spur x2
Satchel x1
3D terrain base x1

Winter coat x1
Yellow jacket x1
Blue tripe shirt x1
Pants x1
Scarf x1
Mask x1
Holster x1
Sub-Holster  x1
Knife pouch x1
Belt x1
Ammo belt x1


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