Unicorn + LED Package [ Full LED Psycho Frame ]


Manufacturer : Bandai
Gimmicks :
PG Unicorn
* Fully transformable (Face guard “expansion” included)
* “Third form” realized
* Red psychoframe in special glow plastic
* “Transformation” uses magnet in antenna; Interior of the antenna is gold color
* Articulation of the elbow and knee joints able to perform a wide range of movements

1 Beam Magnum
1 Shield
1 Hyper Bazooka
1 Display Stand
2 Beam Gattling Guns
4 Beam Sabers
Ammo Packs for Beam Magnum.
*Weapons can be mounted onto Display base.

PG Unicorn LED Set
* For use with Psychoframe with 29 LED units, and one for the eyes, making the total 30 LED units
* LED light up sequences: camera eyes light up, psychoframe light up from low light to full light on
* There is an auto mode for LED light up sequence


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