1/12 Zhang Yide & Wuzhui Horse

Rp 3.400.000

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Manufacturer : Inflames x Newsoul
Release : Q3, 2019
Deadline : June 10th, 2018
Fixed Price Rate : <hkd1750

Product Specification :
-Tow Elaborate-carving head(One normal expression and the other angry expression)
-Newly developed 1/12th strong body
-7 pieces of interchangeable palms
-Approximately 16 cm tall
Martial attire:
-Black Underwear
-Black Bloomers
-General’s Cloak
Half martial attire:
-Black cloak
-White waist support
-A suit of armor(including a waist support,a belt,etc)
– Newly developed 1/12th square stage with transparent pillar   
-Long spear
-Sword(Scabbard included)
The Wuzhui Horse
-Newly developed 1/12th black seamless movable horse(The horse has steel bones in it.)
-Two interchangeable horse heads with different expression
-Over 20 movable joints 
-Armor for a horse, saddler, trappings (with saddle, halter,etc.)
A Flag(including the base)
◆Bonus:Two“Soul Of Tiger Generals”Chinese chess bases.The two bases can be fitted into a complete chess piece with the double heads in the toy suit.The chess piece of Zhang Yide is General’s “bishops” which can be combined with ones of subsequent toy suits to form a complete “Soul Of Tiger Generals” Chinese chess


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